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Telford quantity surveyors embrace the latest digital innovation


A Telford business has linked up with a leading software company to embrace the latest digital innovation within the industry.

CQS Solutions company owner, Tim Lloyd said the UK construction industry was currently at the receiving end of rapid and unpredictable changes.

As a result the Construction Industry Training Board has been calling on the industry to focus on digital transformation to bring the latest technology to the sector.

As a result CQS has teamed up with Masterbill Micro Systems, whose software will better allow the CQS Solutions team to meet ever stricter deadlines without compromising on the quality of its work whilst maintaining a full audit trail for its clients.

Its integrated CAD and BIM measurement software can be used anywhere where there is an internet connection – at a client’s office, on site or at home.

QS CAD / MB Elite will enhance its support to clients by allowing several team members to collaborate on the same project at one time and whilst maintaining consistent quality, results and output.

The Masterbill package also gives CQS the option to work with Masterbill Measurement Services to increase resources when needed to hit tight deadlines or tackle increased workloads.

“Companies of all shapes and sizes face escalating costs in raw materials coupled with shipping delays and staff shortages,” said Tim.

“As the challenges mount we at CQS Solutions are convinced that making full use of digital technology is vital for the future of the industry.

“So we have teamed up with Masterbill Micro Systems to ensure that we are doing our very best to make sure we are at the forefront of our industry and CQS is fit for the futur.

“As quantity surveyors our role is to manage our clients’ supply chain and reduce costs to bring improved cost certainty, margins and productivity.

“We are confident that our increased integration of the Masterbill software will not only ensure our clients receive the most efficient service possible, but will also put us at the forefront of the digital revolution,” he added.

Source: Shropshire Star



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