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Telford firm’s mission to attract more women into manufacturing sector


A Telford-based manufacturer says it is determined to attract more women into the sector.

Transicon Ltd, a family run manufacturer of AC Drives, DC Drives, Servo Drives, PLC and SCADA Systems, is busy expanding the firm’s apprenticeship programme.

The sector continues to struggle to attract female staff something Transicon’s Jennifer Hughes is all too aware as one of the few female directors at a manufacturer in the region.

“Manufacturing can offer a wonderful career to all young people, so it doesn’t make sense considering the skills gap that is well reported in manufacturing, for firms to continue to appeal only to a small percentage of your potential workforce in the local area,” she said.

“Manufacturers must do more to challenge the unconscious bias that might deter a young female in the area from considering a career in the sector.

“Apprenticeships are the lifeblood of the manufacturing community and absolutely its future, our hiring strategy going forward to complement our fine staff retention record is to grow and develop our own talent.

“What we can offer is a high quality, practical vocation, an exciting and challenging career with quality technology and the opportunity to work with our world class customers and it’s wonderful to be having female applicants,” she added.

“We’ve been supporting manufacturing in the region since 1967 and we aim to be here for future generations, so its wonderful to welcome our new crop of apprentices into the firm,” added Jennifer.

Source: Shropshire Star



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