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Telford training provider reveals plans for new in-person courses

ctc training

A Telford-based online training provider has announced the introduction of a new in-person course offering.

Following the success of their online courses, CTC Training has decided to expand with courses that provide personal interaction and support for those who struggle to motivate themselves to complete a course over the web.

The new in-person courses will be led by experienced trainers.

Learners will have the opportunity to learn from experts in their chosen field, all while continuing to receive the same high levels of support and guidance that CTC Training is known for.

“We’re thrilled to be expanding our course offerings to include in-person training,” said Chris Turner, Managing Director at CTC Training.

“We recognise that not everyone learns best online, and that some people need an extra level of support and motivation that comes with being around others in a physical environment. With our new in-person courses, we’re able to offer just that to help even more people achieve their career goals.”

CTC’s in-person courses include first aid training and health & safety courses. Learners have the option of studying at CTC Training’s very own training facility or hosting the training at their own venue.

“We’re committed to giving everyone the opportunity to boost their career in a way that works for them,” added Chris Turner. “Our new in-person courses are just another way we’re working to achieve that goal.”

To learn more about CTC’s new in-person courses or to enrol on a course, visit the website at

Source: Shropshire Star



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