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Council approves strategy for fair and inclusive economic growth

Telford Wrekin Council Economic strategy

Telford & Wrekin Council cabinet members have given the green light to an innovative economic growth initiative aligned with council priorities of fairness, inclusivity, and environmental sustainability.

Led by the council in collaboration with business sector leaders and partners, including Telford College and Harper Adams University, this transformative strategy aims to support existing and new business growth, establish clear pathways from education to local employment with a strong focus on inclusivity, underscoring the council’s commitment to creating inspiring opportunities for all residents.

The approved plan also includes the commitment to continued and closer working with senior business leaders and stakeholders to ensure the Borough’s strategy is delivered and new challenges are addressed, alongside establishing an ambassador’s program. These initiatives are designed to promote Telford as a prime destination for business investment, growth, employment and a great quality of life.

The council will play a pivotal role in delivering the comprehensive strategy across seven strategic pillars in collaboration its partners. These pillars include place promotion, supporting business growth and diversification, developing a stronger skills and talent pipeline, encouraging an innovation culture as well as infrastructure, sites and premises and quality of life.

The updated economic strategy recognises the challenges facing business including current global conflicts, technological advancements, and the climate emergency while staying true to the 2032 vision of an inclusive borough with a thriving economy.

The strategy sets the direction for new approaches to support the growth of the visitor economy, and a new skills strategy, to be established in the next few months.

Councillor Shaun Davies (Labour), Leader of Telford & Wrekin Council, said, “Our commitment to business and investment support has significantly contributed to local economic growth, benefitting both businesses and residents. The updated economic strategy for 2032 will take a collaborative approach, engaging stakeholders, businesses, educational institutions, and the community to drive the success of the Invest Telford strategy.”

Councillor Lee Carter (Labour), Telford & Wrekin Council’s cabinet member for place (the economy & neighbourhood services), added, “The council’s economic strategy extends beyond physical factories, offering significant social regeneration opportunities across all our communities, business sectors and high streets.

“With a commendable track record in supporting economic growth, the borough has witnessed exceptional business expansion, resulting in a 14.49% increase in businesses since the last strategy was adopted in 2016. The new strategy will build upon our achievements and underscore the council’s dedication to sustainable economic growth, innovation, and inclusivity across the borough.”

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