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Profit coach announced as finalist in Aesthetic Awards

Alan S. Adams

A Telford-based profit coach dedicated to supporting aesthetic, medical and cosmetic clinic owners nationwide has been announced as a finalist in prestigious industry awards. 

Alan S. Adams, Director of The Clinic Coach, has been shortlisted in the Best Support and Service Provider category in the 2024 Aesthetic Awards. 

Alan said: “Following years of experience working with businesses across the UK to encourage sustainable growth, I pivoted my attention to the aesthetics sector almost a decade ago. I’d witnessed the very bespoke (but very similar) challenges that clients in this particular arena were facing, including: marketing, sales conversions, systemising processes and procedures, and pricing. And so, I established The Clinic Coach – specifically designed to support aesthetic company owners to sculpt their beautiful business. 

“In these turbulent and unprecedented times, I’m more passionate than ever about assisting aesthetic clinic owners to achieve ultimate commercial success. I pride myself on offering holistic support for companies within the sector: from comprehensive business reviews and establishing long-term goals, through to providing simple-to-implement tools and tactics to enhance sales and marketing. 

“And it’s a privilege to have had this recognised on a national scale. As a key highlight in the calendar, I’m looking forward to the Aesthetic Awards ceremony in March which will unite industry professionals to endorse excellence, strive to improve best practice, and showcase innovation.”

The Aesthetic Awards is the most prestigious and longest-standing awards ceremony in the UK medical aesthetics sector. Its Best Support and Service Provider category recognises companies and partners that are providing exceptional commercial services and solutions. 

Alan recently worked with Dr Anna Hemming, Owner and Director of Thames Skin Clinic. When discussing the services and solutions that The Clinic Coach provided her with, she said: “Alan’s work in coaching really helps successful businesses take the next steps. Focusing on how to lead your business into the future, bringing your core values and philosophy alive, and thriving through growth. For busy practitioners it’s also time to actually focus on the business and give yourself time to see where you need to develop.”

Award voting is open until the 1st February, and final results will be announced at the official ceremony on 16th March at Grosvenor House, London. 

Source: Shropshire Live



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