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Advance Joinery Group establishes presence in Telford

The team at Advance Telford at the current Gower Street premises

Advance Joinery Group has recently established its presence in Telford by acquiring the staff and showroom of C-Thru Windows, which has now ceased trading.

Advance Joinery Group, known for its expertise in timber, aluminium, and uPVC home improvement products, saw immense potential in utilising the assets to further extend its reach.

This acquisition comes on the heels of the successful incorporation of Malvern Glass, now Advance Malvern, in 2023. This marks a significant step forward for Advance Joinery Group as it leverages the opportunity to integrate the acquired staff and premises in plans to launch Advance Telford.

With a commitment to maintaining continuity and fostering growth, the existing team at C-Thru Windows will be seamlessly integrated into Advance Telford. The experienced staff brings valuable expertise, ensuring a smooth transition and the continuation of excellent service that both C-Thru Windows and Advance Joinery Group are renowned for.

“We recognise the unique strengths and opportunities that come with acquiring C-Thru Windows assets,” said Jack Evans, Managing Director at Advance Joinery Group. “This move allows us to expand our footprint in the region, and we are excited to welcome the talented individuals from C-Thru into the Advance family.”

The newly established Advance Telford will build on the foundation laid by C-Thru Windows, offering a comprehensive range of high-quality products and services.

As part of the integration process, plans include immediately rebranding the Telford-based operation under the name ‘Advance Telford’, aligning it with the Advance Joinery Group brand.

Advance Telford will temporarily operate from the acquired Gower Street-based premises, but there are plans to move to a bigger location featuring an extensive showroom and a trade counter. 

Source: Shropshire Live



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