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The Telford business looking to build a sustainable talent pipeline


A Telford engineering company says apprenticeships are proving to be a valuable way of creating a ‘sustainable talent pipeline’ for the business.

Iconsys is a leading power and industrial automation solutions provider and systems integrator, based at Stafford Park. It has been employing apprentices in partnership with Telford College since 2016.

Its latest apprentice is 19-year-old Ben Morris-Jones, who has made a big impact since joining in September.

Ben, from Wellington, completed a BTEC National Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering at Telford College before moving onto his apprenticeship.

He said: “From a young age, I have always been interested in how things work and was curious about whether I could take things apart and put them back together again.

“Taking the apprenticeship route allows me to get my foot in the door as I learn new skills and gain knowledge while getting my hands dirty!”

He said the company was giving him an in-depth understanding of electrical engineering.

“I am able to gain a wide range of skills due to the different variety of work I am given. I enjoy the atmosphere of the workplace at iconsys, it’s very friendly – my colleagues are supportive and help me massively while teaching me about how an engineering environment operates.”

Ben says he views his apprenticeship as a pathway to many more opportunities, including a degree.

“There are also many progression opportunities for me at iconsys which could include advancing into different departments and functions, where I can learn new skills such as CAD, which is of interest to me.”

Charnjit Ram, workshop supervisor at the company, said: “Ben has had a great start to his apprenticeship at iconsys, and we are already seeing his potential. He has started to make a valuable contribution at work and is a popular member of the team.”

Milissa Chesters, head of people and culture of the company, said: “Engineering apprenticeships make great business sense for iconsys because they help develop skills in accordance with both the needs of the individual and our business, which, in turn, creates a sustainable talent pipeline for us.

“We have had great success in partnering with Telford College in this respect and thank them for their ongoing support.”

Robert Lees, director of engineering and aviation at Telford College, added: “Ben was a very good student. He was quiet and polite and always produced work to a high standard. He was well liked by his peers and staff alike.”

Source: Shropshire Star



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