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Telford experience-day firm completes deal to expand across UK


A Telford experience-day company has completed a ‘game-changing deal’ which will make it the largest hot air balloon flight operator in the UK.

WonderDays – run by husband-and-wife team Matt and Bronwen Jones – has acquired Balloons Over Britain in a move which enables them to offer balloon flights from more than 110 separate locations with the most experienced pilots in the business.

“This is a game-changing deal, not just for us but for the industry as a whole,” said managing director Matt. “From the very beginning we set out to disrupt the experience industry and this acquisition shows we mean business.”

WonderDays, which also offers supercar track days to spa getaways and escape rooms to stadium tours, is only a year old but Matt has been involved in the balloon business for nearly 30 years.

“We have more experience in this sector than anyone else and now we have more balloons, more pilots and more locations than anyone else,” he said.

“Add into this our market-leading flexibility on booking and unrivalled customer service and it’s no wonder this has made others sit up and take notice.”

Jon Rudoni, from Balloons Over Britain, added: “We are delighted to be part of the WonderDays family and believe Matt’s vision for the future is something we all want to be involved in.

“No one else can offer the same level of professionalism now our two businesses have joined forces and we look forward to sharing this most magical experience with the thousands of people who book balloon flights each year.”

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Source: Shropshire Star



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