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Expansion plans revealed as deal completed for Telford’s Besblock


Building materials supplier Aggregate Industries has expanded its operations in the Midlands construction industry after securing a deal for Telford precast materials supplier Besblock.

The acquisition enables Aggregate Industries to expand upon its existing products with the introduction of a range of technically niche and sustainable building blocks, and enable closer working relationships with large and medium sized housebuilders across the region.

A spokesman for Aggregate said the move would also provide further growth opportunities outside of the region.

Dragan Maksimovic, CEO of Aggregate Industries UK, said: “The acquisition of Besblock Ltd is an important milestone in our journey as we strive to become the UK’s leading supplier of sustainable construction materials and solutions.

“Besblock has invested heavily in sustainability in recent years and its market-leading product range has strong synergies with our own. We’re delighted to be able to enhance our products and capabilities with the acquisition of this progressive and market-leading business.”

Andrew Huxley, Managing Director at Besblock Ltd, added: “We’re incredibly proud of what we have achieved as a business in the last 50 years; particularly of the investments we have made in sustainable solutions, both in terms of products and practices.

“We’re excited to continue to expand the business and continue our sustainability journey with the support of Aggregate Industries.”

Through its two manufacturing facilities in Telford, Besblock currently produces around 1.7 million m² building blocks per year, equating to approximately 250kT.

Its products include the industry-leading Star Performer block, a sustainable and multi-purpose on-site solution, with recycled aggregates and 24 % less material than a solid block.

The business has strong sustainability credentials, with its fleet of lorries one of the most efficient in the country and with the recent installation of a new 1.65MW biomass boiler and renewable energy system, which will see the business become carbon neutral when operational.

Source: Shropshire Star



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