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Ricoh 3D announced as double-finalist in TCT Awards 2024

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Ricoh 3D has been announced as a double-finalist in the prestigious TCT Awards 2024. This recognition underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of 3D printing.

The TCT Awards, divided into Innovations and Applications categories, honours groundbreaking developments and real-world applications of 3D printing technologies. With an array of exceptional finalists this year, including many AM global giants and newcomers, Ricoh 3D stands out among the esteemed contenders.

TCT commented: “After an abundance of high-quality entries into the TCT Awards this year, we are happy to announce the shortlist of sixty-one finalists for 2024!

“A huge thank you to everyone who entered the TCT Awards this year. We received an extremely high calibre of applications and, after much deliberation, are pleased to announce our 2024 finalists…”

The Nominations

In the Applications categories, which celebrate the practical ‘real life’ impact of 3D technologies, Ricoh 3D has secured nominations for both Consumer Product Application and Industrial Product Application Awards.

For the Consumer Product Application Award, Ricoh 3D earned recognition for its 3D printed CBAM bolt handle, developed in collaboration with valued partners, Impossible Objects and Athletics 3D. This innovative product, described as ‘worth its weight in gold’ – as evidenced with the achievement of 6 Gold medals in the latest Olympic Biathlon Championships – showcases the company’s prowess in delivering custom ergonomic solutions for elite athletes.

In the Industrial Product Application Award category, Ricoh 3D impressed the judges with RICOH’s in-house solution designed to optimise the thermal performance of RICOH’s own Theta camera. Leveraging RICOH’s own unique proprietary metal binder jetting technology (BJT) in conjunction with advanced design software from nTopRICOH Company Ltd. enhanced the heat dissipation of the camera, enabling it to operate seamlessly for 24+ hours in high-heat environments.

What did Ricoh 3D’s Mark Dickin have to say?

Mark Dickin, Ricoh 3D Manager, expressed his pride in the company’s double-finalist status, emphasising the collaborative efforts that led to these outstanding outcomes. He lauded the contributions of Ricoh 3D’s partners, including RICOH Company Ltd., Impossible Objects, and Athletics 3D, underscoring the importance of collaboration in achieving success in the dynamic realm of 3D printing.

He said: “Once again, as per our previous success in the TCT Awards, we are proud to have collaborated with our partners to achieve such excellent outcomes. Huge thanks to RICOH Company Ltd, Impossible Objects and Athletics 3D.

“We firmly believe that success in the dynamic world of 3D printing is not a solitary journey but a collaborative endeavour, reliant on innovation and co-creation activities. Our valued partners stand at the core of our mission and are integral to the comprehensive end-to-end 3D printing solutions we offer.

“Ricoh 3D is creating a synergy that drives progress and unlocks endless possibilities, supporting customers and our customers’ customers.”

Dickin added: “We thoroughly look forward to exhibiting at TCT 3SIXTY 2024 soon, as well as attending the TCT Awards. Congratulations and good luck to all finalists!”

Further Information

The winners of the TCT Awards 2024 will be announced at a prestigious black-tie awards ceremony on the evening of 5 June at the National Conference Centre (NCC), Birmingham. The event promises to be a night of celebration and networking, bringing together industry leaders and innovators to honour excellence in additive manufacturing.

As Ricoh 3D continues to push the boundaries of AM, the company looks forward to showcasing its latest innovations at TCT 3SIXTY 2024, 5-6 June, and reaffirming its commitment to driving progress in the industry and manufacturing a sustainable future.

For more information about this year’s TCT Awards Finalists and nominations, visit:



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