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Growing Telford business’ move will create new jobs


A Telford company has expanded into new premises to accommodate business growth – with plans for new jobs to be created.

AV Birch Limited, which was formed in 1977, has relocated in Halesfield and the timber and general engineering firm says the move supports the pending launch of a cutting-edge new machine and the doubling of their service department.

“It’s always a good sign when your business outgrows its facilities and so we’re thrilled to announce we’ve moved into another building in Telford to accommodate this rapid growth,” said works director Graham Clark.

“This addition to our already large and impressive premises has doubled our space and capacity.”

He said the physical expansion correlates with the business growth, meaning AV Birch Ltd can move seamlessly into the next phase without compromise or delay.

“Looking forward, we’re committed to continuing the customer service, quality of workmanship and flexibility of our capabilities that we have become so renowned for and by expanding, it will enable us to offer more, to many more,” he added.

Source: Shropshire Star



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