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Bodum’s global flavour lands in Telford with new outlet shop and cafe

Bodum has unveiled a new addition to its UK distribution and sales hub at Halesfield 10

In a move set to redefine Telford’s coffee experience, global brand Bodum has unveiled a new addition to its UK distribution and sales hub at Halesfield 10.

After significant investment, the Telford business has expanded and refurbished into a vibrant community business hub, which is now home to an enticing outlet shop and cafe.

As part of this expansion, Bodum, a family-owned business, is proud to announce the addition of 4 new members to its dedicated staff already made up of 13 employees, with plans to recruit two more, reinforcing their commitment to local employment and economic growth.

The support provided by the council’s planning team, commercial services, and Invest Telford, the council’s business support team, has been instrumental in helping the Bodum management team bring this project to fruition.

Councillor Lee Carter, Telford & Wrekin Council cabinet member for Place, (The Economy & Neighbourhood Services) said, “We are thrilled to welcome Bodum’s innovative venture to Telford. This not only boosts our local economy but also creates a dynamic community space through their visionary business hub.”

Pioneering a community-centric approach, Bodum has become a catalyst for local engagement, hosting meetings for local organisations at their newly established facility.

The cafe distinguishes itself by offering high-quality beverages at half the price of other high street coffee shops, coupled with the allure of on-site bean roasting. Visitors can also explore the extensive outlet, where bargains from their Bodum and Ordning Reda range await.

Hailing from a rich global heritage, Bodum’s products are present and available worldwide, whether online or through retailers and shop-in-shops. The inauguration of the Bodum Outlet, Roastery and Café in Telford offers a wide range of offers and assortment combined with freshly brewed coffee roasted directly on-site, underscoring Bodum’s unwavering dedication to expanding its footprint and providing unparalleled experiences for coffee enthusiasts.

Source: Shropshire Live



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