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Telford’s Reconomy opens new tech hub in Bucharest


Telford-based Reconomy is investing in a new technology hub in Romania.

The Strategic move, to invest in RecoTek in Bucharest, will help develop Reconomy’s technology and data capabilities.

Reconomy is a pioneer in Greentech, providing platforms and processes for deposit return systems, reverse vending, packaging and electrical compliance and recycling as well as product reuse and return on an international scale for the world’s largest brands.

It is aligning its technology function with its wider strategic objectives as it transitions to a centrally led technology operating model underpinned by RecoTek, supporting all of its brands following a period of rapid growth including numerous acquisitions.

Investment in the technology talent and infrastructure of the business will allow Reconomy to in-source and centralise its technology operations, accelerating product development, continuously improving its platforms and services and removing costly outsourced contract providers.

Members of the Reconomy executive team including Chief Executive Guy Wakeley and Chief Information Officer Jody Fullman joined RecoTek General Manager, Mariana Sbarcea to open the site in Romania.

Bucharest is an established and growing epicentre of technology and Reconomy is looking to employ up to 150 people at the RecoTek site.

Jody said: “We are delighted to establish RecoTek in Bucharest, a thriving city of innovation and talent.

“RecoTek will allow us to expand our digital infrastructure, align our technology strategy with Reconomy’s strategic objectives and support our brands in offering market-leading products to customers. It represents an exciting inflection point for Reconomy following a period of rapid organic and acquisitive expansion, as we centralise our mission-critical technology function to catalyse the next phase of our growth journey.”

Guy added: “Centralising our technology capability and insourcing operations is critical to consolidate our expansion to-date while setting the foundations for further international growth.

“Technology and data are crucial to accelerating the transition to a circular economy, so by relentlessly focusing on building our capabilities we can continue to drive positive change and deliver fantastic solutions to our customers. We extend a warm welcome to our new colleagues based in Romania and look forward to their contributions to our ongoing success.”

Source: Shropshire Star



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