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Telford’s Acura Living unlocks door to impressive development


A Telford company which creates and specialises in developing specialist supported housing accommodation across the UK has completed work on an impressive new scheme in the town.

Acura Living has opened the doors on 11 bungalows plus staff quarters at Roman Close.

The developer worked with construction partner Bespoke Construction Services to deliver the EPC bungalows, which are wheelchair accessible and have been designed for adults with learning disabilities, who are either ageing or have mobility issues.

“We are proud to have played a key role in delivering this much needed and fantastic new scheme,” said Gavin Woods, Director of Acquisitions and Business Development at Acura Living. “We wish the new tenants all the very best in their new homes.”

“We would also like to thank our construction partner Bespoke Construction Services for all of their hard work and dedication along with all of consultants and partners who have made this project a great success.”

Inclusion were also involved in the work as the Registered Provider alongside Lexrae Support as care provider.

An open day was held recently to showcase the work and Gavin added: “It was a great success and we had guests travel from as far as South Tyneside Council to see the new specialist development.”

“Telford and Wrekin council were thrilled with the brand new bungalows as were Care and Support Providers and Commissioners from Local Authorities from across the UK.”

Acura’s name comes from the meaning ‘made with precision’ and the company creates sustainable homes tailored to enable tenants to live independent lives.

Source: Shropshire Live



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