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Telford’s AceOn launches new web shop

web shop

Telford-based AceOn is super charging its battery offering by launching a new on-line store.

The shop, which can be accessed directly from the company’s website, offers a wide range of battery types, sizes and chemistries, including AceOn’s own range of branded batteries.

AceOn have established a positive reputation nationally as battery experts, with more than 30 years of experience in the distribution of consumer and industrial batteries and the manufacture of custom-built battery packs.

AceOn are also bringing to market an exciting range of ‘clean and green’ portable energy storage units that can be used off-grid to support a wide range of uses such as in the construction, mobile catering, events sectors as well as for camping and caravaning and outdoor living generally.

Innovation is built into AceOn’s DNA and it is currently developing a portable energy storage unit that will be powered by second life batteries from Electric cars – a powerful contribution to the Circular Economy and the sustainable use of resources.

AceOn Group Managing Director, Richard Partington said: “We are really pleased and excited to finally launch our web shop.”

To shop, visit

Source: Shropshire Star



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