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Telford trio celebrate business milestone

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A trio of local entrepreneurs are celebrating success with their latest venture, which supports business leaders to become true language and communications masters.

The Ultimate Advantage, a global Language Mastery training and coaching company based in Telford, is this month celebrating its first year in business and looking back at a successful 12 months.

Felicity Wingrove, Founder of the business and one of the UK’s leading experts in the applied psychology of language, said: “For the last 25 years, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of supporting some of the biggest brands and organisations across the globe to communicate with impact and integrity. And in 2007 I established Zen Communications, a dedicated PR and Communications agency, to help businesses to credibly and powerfully connect with those that matter the most to them.

“I’ve always been mindful of the true power of great communication but in recent years I’ve been called on more and more often to help the leaders and Boards within a business to bring mastery to their message and to their delivery. And so – along with my fellow Directors Rhiannon Williams and Alan Adams – we set up The Ultimate Advantage to provide the highest level of one-to-one and small group coaching and training for senior level executives, CEOs and other c-suite professionals.”

The dedicated training and coaching programmes focus on the science – and art – of truly compelling communications and ensure that business leaders become their most empowered, magnetic, and inspiring selves.

“We formally started trading last March, and it’s been an incredibly successful year. We’ve supported a variety of businesses, from a global recruitment firm, to a number of US-based pharmaceutical companies, leading local authorities here in the UK, manufacturing and engineering businesses, and a number of those in emerging technology. With our support, they’ve delivered empowering speeches, managed Board disputes, and leveraged their personal impact.

“Alongside this we’ve spoken at conferences and events across the country, and hosted and facilitated round tables, and panel discussions. It’s been a whirlwind first year, but a truly fabulous one.”

The business trio have a combined experience of over 60 years working with senior-level clients to enhance all aspects of their communication, as well as to support them to become even more ethical, persuasive, and influential.

“What a year it’s been!”, added Rhiannon Williams, Director at The Ultimate Advantage. “We established the agency to ethically support businessmen and women across the UK and to help them to convey their messaging – exactly as they intend, and we’ve done just that.

“It’s a real privilege to see our clients transform how they communicate, and to witness the benefits that it brings to them, their teams, and their businesses. And looking at the diary ahead we’re scheduled to support a whole host of other exciting organisations in the months to come.”

Source: Shropshire Live



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