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Telford Law firm mfg Solicitors gives £1,000 festive foodbank donation

Sharon Lerry senior associate and head of mfgs CSR Committee

Local law firm mfg Solicitors has donated £1,000 to help support Telford Crisis Support as the need grows for emergency winter food and clothing packages.

The law firm, which has offices in Telford and Ludlow has provided the money to the foodbank through its CSR Committee, seeing £1,000 going to the certified foodbank.

Sharon Lerry, senior associate and head of mfg’s CSR Committee said: “Foodbanks provide a lifeline for so many people, especially during the winter and festive seasons.

“Not only do they make sure families are fed, but they also provide clothing for the young and the elderly at a time when they need it the most.

“We’re delighted to be donating £1,000 to the foodbank and to be supporting their work, much of which often goes unseen. I know they are already putting the money to good use.”

Source: Shropshire Live



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