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Telford is new base for group boosted by airport contract win


A firm which provides of sustainable waste solutions has expanded its operations with a new depot in Telford.

Sweeptech Environmental Services has revealed the town will serve as the company’s new base in the Midlands.

The strategic expansion is in direct response to a recent contract win with East Midlands International Airport for Glycol Recovery services, solidifying Sweeptech’s commitment to providing comprehensive waste management solutions on a national scale.

Glycol Recovery is a critical aspect of environmental sustainability in airport operations as it involves the safe removal and recycling of de-icing fluids used to ensure safe aircraft operations during adverse weather conditions.

The acquisition of the Telford site – at Castle Trading Estate Snedshill – marks another significant milestone in Sweeptech’s growth journey, having recently opened two further depots in Southampton and Heathrow.

The Telford development was made possible through Sweeptech’s long-standing business relationship with Caltec Environmental Services. Sweeptech will employ Caltec’s experienced staff and invest in new road sweepers and tankers for their existing depot.

Martin Smith, CEO of Sweeptech, stated: “We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new depot in Telford.

“This expansion not only strengthens our presence in the Midlands, but also enables us to provide top-tier Glycol Recovery services to East Midlands International Airport and beyond.

“Our partnership with Caltec Environmental Services has played a pivotal role in making this possible and we are excited about the sustainable benefits and value we can bring to our clients through our innovative technology and dedicated team.”

Source: Shropshire Star



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