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Telford firm’s mission to make sure future of manufacturing is sustainable

fabweld steel

A Telford-based manufacturer has revealed plans to grow by 70 per cent in the next five years by utilising new technologies and renewable energy.

Fabweld Steel Products, which designs and makes standard and bespoke access manhole covers for the construction and built environment industries, says it is embracing a cleaner, more intelligent future for manufacturing.

The company has already invested £500,000 in capital expenditure projects to bring its plans to life.

The latest addition to Fabweld’s facility is a nitrogen generator, run predominantly using solar energy generated by the PV panels fitted to the factory roof, which Managing Director Wayne Carter says is important for both sustainability and self sufficiency.

He said: “Large amounts of nitrogen are used in the precision laser cutting of steel products.

“In the past, our Telford site received bulk gas deliveries up to three times a week from a supplier in Banbury.

“With an onsite solar-powered nitrogen generator in place, over 40 gas deliveries a year have been eliminated, while also controlling the cost of making our products.”

Mr Carter said the company has had a real focus this year on creating sustainable products.

wayne carter
FSP Managing Director, Wayne Carter

He said: “Steel is a very energy intensive to make so we are supporting the steel industry’s transition to a more sustainable future by switching the majority of our steel supply to a stockholder that sources material from Scandinavia where the carbon footprint associated with steel production is much lower than India, China and Eastern Europe.

“We are also actively trying to use less steel in our products, but without compromising on quality or performance. This year, our R&D team has focused on creating more intelligent, sustainable products looking at what material content can be removed from new and existing product designs to reduce the steel content while maintaining load capability.”

He said Fabweld has ambitions to grow 70 per cent by maximising efficiencies and using renewable energy.

“Working with an external partner – Involved Social Impact Projects – we are developing our Net Zero Road Map,” Mr Carter added.

The company is investing in electric fleet cars and forklift trucks as alternatives to petrol and diesel models

“We want to address our current and future sustainability challenges, including implementing effective, practical solutions and metrics to reduce our scope one and two emissions.

“Our customers want to do business with sustainable suppliers, and our ultimate ambition is to continue to expand our operations while reducing our impact on the environment.”

Source: Shropshire Star



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