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Telford firm to help companies bridge the UK’s commercial ‘valley of death’ with PP Plus launch


Four local companies have joined a collective of manufacturing, business and academia experts who have come together to bridge the £bn+ commercial valley of death in the UK.

Cucumber PR, Grove Design, Product Approvals and Telford based Protolabs are founding members of PP Plus, which is being led by PP Control & Automation and is aiming to deliver immediate access to specialist expertise and knowledge for companies looking to develop and scale green technologies.

The quartet have been chosen as part of the biggest growth support network currently available in the UK and, together, can take innovators from concept development and prototyping to protecting their IP, contract manufacturing and driving sales through PR and marketing.

“PP Plus is all about unlocking and commercialising the ideas that will contribute to a more sustainable future, making UK manufacturing stronger and more successful,” commented Tony Hague, CEO of PP Control & Automation.

“It is clear that the UK has a wealth of innovative companies that come up with new concepts and ideas that have true commercial potential and the opportunity to scale. However, they simply don’t have the capacity or additional expertise to realise these fantastic ideas.

“Even if they know where to look for this, they often tie themselves in knots trying to find the right route as the traditional support network is convoluted. We know this first hand from working with companies on innovative new technologies, so felt the best approach was to create our own way forward.”

He went on to add: “That is where PP Plus was born and the reaction from industry partners, business development strategists and some of the UK’s leading universities has been phenomenal. We now believe we have everything in place to take potential customers on and through the entire journey.”

Sara Williams, Senior Marketing Manager at Protolabs, added her support: “PP Plus is a great initiative that meets an ever-present need in the UK to bridge the valley of death, pulling lots of commercial, manufacturing, and academic expertise together in one easy to access programme.

“Protolabs is delighted to be one of the founding members and look forward to working closely with all the partners involved to leverage the collective strength of our knowledge and expertise.”

PP Plus’ initial focus will be on supporting companies developing solutions for clean energy, future mobility, agritech innovation and machinery/equipment that contribute to a circular economy.

This will create sustainable innovations that will answer critical questions about how we are going to feed ourselves in the future, how do we ‘power’ our society and how do we travel without destroying our planet.

The journey starts with a 1-hour discovery session that is completely free of charge and will identify the next steps and the specialist support required to commercialise and scale up the technologies.

That may see the client access one, two or three of the main pillars (manufacturing, business, academia) covering anything from product approval and manufacturing capabilities to accessing grants and funding, marketing support and collaborative research and testing facilities.

PP Plus has already received significant interest and several early projects have entered the ‘discovery’ phrase.

Source: Shropshire Live



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