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Telford College reveals plans for sixth-form base as part of major new town centre development

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A college has unveiled plans to open a new sixth-form base in the heart of a major Telford town centre development.

Telford College says it will be creating a dedicated sixth-form centre as part of its involvement in the town’s new Station Quarter.

The plans were officially unveiled at Telford College’s autumn open event, held at the Wellington campus on Wednesday night.

The new A-level centre – featuring several brand new courses – is due to be open from September 2025.

The development would allow the college to re-purpose its existing Wellington campus as a specialist vocational training centre.

College principal and chief executive Graham Guest said: “This is one of two exciting new developments for the college in the town centre.

“The A-level centre will sit right next to the new digital skills centre opening in Station Quarter next year and being delivered in partnership with Telford & Wrekin Council and Harper Adams University.

“It is all part of a long-term strategy which will allow us to invest significantly in our existing Haybridge campus to establish it as a specialist technical learning centre.”

Mr Guest added: “Because of the changes in our curriculum, areas such as engineering, automotive and construction all need space to expand. Our campus is already fantastic now, but this will allow us to take things onto the next level.

“We are working with employers and schools to prepare the workforce for the future, with higher levels of skills.

“We have already spent nearly £450,000 this summer on our health centre, creating practical learning space for T-Level students which replicates a hospital environment.

“We want to do the same for our other curriculum areas as the range of T-Levels on offer here at Telford College continues to grow.

“Running through all of this, though, is the importance of digital skills. Every curriculum area is touched by this and all of our employers require digital skills –which is why we’re so excited by the opportunities the new skills centre in Station Quarter will create.

“This is not just an investment in infrastructure; it’s also an investment in new staff, and the latest learning technology, to give businesses the skills they need.”

Telford College deputy chief executive Janet Stephens added: “Being located next to the train station, and the main Telford bus station too, will make us much more accessible – and will particularly help people in the south of the borough.”

Source: Shropshire Star



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