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Telford businesses connect and collaborate at Telford Sustainability Solutions Summit

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The Telford Sustainability Solutions Summit, hosted by the Telford Sustainability & Energy Cluster (TSEC) in collaboration with Telford & Wrekin Council, achieved its goal of connecting local businesses with local suppliers in support of their sustainability and net zero journey.

Hosted by Telford College, local businesses and suppliers, gathered to explore innovative solutions for reducing carbon emissions, saving energy, and investing in sustainable technologies.

Councillor Carolyn Healy(Lab) Telford & Wrekin Council Cabinet Member for Climate Action, Green Spaces, Heritage& Leisure emphasised the importance of collaboration among local businesses, Telford College, and Telford & Wrekin Council, stating, “The aim of the summit was to help businesses understand how they can take advantage of the latest green approaches. By providing a platform for local suppliers and businesses to come together and help each other navigate what can sometimes be a complicated and difficult journey we hope to achieve a more sustainable future for Telford.”

A highlight of the event was a first-hand account of the 14 year sustainability journey from Wayne Carter, Managing Director of Fabweld Steel Products. Wayne explained how it started with an energy audit and resulted in giving the business a competitive advantage in the market and respond to the green credentials required by bigger businesses from the supply chain.

Wayne said: “It was a pleasure to speak at the Telford Sustainability Solutions Summit, I hope our journey inspires others, especially smaller businesses. It’s not an easy road but the benefits speak for themselves and we continue to be curious about what is possible, exploring what we don’t know and growing in more ways than one. Iam especially proud of the way we have been able to make efficiencies and sustainability a team effort. By passing energy savings that the business made on to our staff we’ve encouraged ownership of what the company wants to achieve.

Reflecting on the summit’s significance, Chris Lindsay Chair of TSEC said, “The event was part of a commitment to foster collaboration, drive sustainable practices and address the challenges facing Telford businesses together. One of the best things about our group is that there is no stigma in asking a question, it is always met with candid and honest feedback. We are all here to assist each other.”

Telford College, the event host, reiterated its commitment to delivering green activities to support the community and safeguard it for future generations. Their approach includes technical training, incorporating green and sustainable content into the curriculum for both young people and adults, and delivering sustainable leadership skills for small and medium-sized business leaders.

“We are proud to support initiatives like the Sustainability Solutions Summit and to contribute to the development of skills and expertise in green technologies,” said Telford College deputy chief executive Janet Stephens

“It fits in perfectly with a new series of skills-boosting packages we are launching this year to boost training in the manufacturing, engineering and construction sectors, as part of our leading role in the Marches Education Partnership. Our focus remains on delivering practical training and education to equip individuals and businesses with the skills needed for a sustainable future.”



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