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SMI supports young international hockey star

Grace Garbett with SMI managing director Jill Seymour

A Telford thermal insulation firm has signed a sponsorship deal with one of the town’s up-and-coming international sports stars.

Grace Garbett is a member of the GB Women’s ice hockey squad, as well as representing her country at inline hockey.

Seymour Manufacturing International (SMI), renowned for its thermal products which help to control temperature and save energy, has agreed to sponsor the 20-year-old for the season.

Grace, who also plays at club level for Solihull Vixens women’s team and for Altrincham Aces men’s team, has been looking for local sponsors and approached businesses across the region.

“My sport is entirely self-funded, so I really appreciate any support that companies can offer,” she said.

Grace, who is also studying towards a degree in construction, describes herself as ‘a committed and determined athlete, focused on achieving personal and team goals’.

“Sport has enabled me to develop leadership and communication skills, improve teamwork and self-discipline, and offered amazing opportunities to work alongside elite athletes and coaches from around the world.

“My current training and playing regime sees me working with a Team GB strength and conditioning coach three times per week, alongside on-ice training with men’s and women’s teams.

“I’m so glad to have Seymour Manufacturing International on board for the 2023/24 season. As part of their kind sponsorship support, the company’s logo will now go onto my stick for all my upcoming matches.”

SMI finance and HR manager Jayne Meakin said: “We are so pleased to be sponsoring Grace – we’re sure there are exciting times ahead for her and we’re glad we can help her along on her journey.

“Given our expertise in the thermal insulation industry, it’s a great fit to be sponsoring an ice hockey player – we like to think we know a thing or two about environments where temperature control is so important!”

SMI has been saving energy and money for some of the world’s biggest and best-known businesses since the 1980s, and continues to be the market leader in the design of thermal insulation products.

Their client list is a who’s who of blue-chip brands including retailers such as Waitrose, Morrisons, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, The Co-operative and Lidl.

The company also works with the NHS, the Ministry of Defence, and has become a leading thermal insulation supplier for the protection of food, chemicals, agricultural and home delivery products.

The success is all thanks to Tempro – SMI’s lightweight thermal insulation material which has been scientifically proven to cut energy loss by at least 25% in chillers, and 33% in freezers.

Source: Shropshire Live



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