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Pioneering AceOn scale up for global success


The boss of leading renewable energy and battery specialist AceOn says the company is ready to grow so that it can expand its customer base across the UK and around the world.

Mark Thompson, managing director of Telford-based AceOn Group, is taking part in a special Innovate UK Scale Up programme to position the company for growth as it continues to develop new products and patented solutions to respond to the climate crisis and the growing need for energy storage and non-diesel portable generators.

Mark says AceOn is fiercely proud of its role developing and manufacturing environmentally-responsible and sustainable products in the UK, establishing a solid supply chain from which goods are then exported across the globe.

With a particular interest in growing its portfolio of innovative Intellectual Property (IP), the company is currently working with battery cell manufacturer AMTE Power to develop ground-breaking Sodium ion batteries, which are more cost effective, safer and sustainable than lithium cells for renewable energy storage applications. AceOn is also leading research into developing second life solutions for used electric car batteries and accelerating development work on a portable solar energy storage system already being trialled in Africa.

AceOn is also pioneering commercial and domestic renewable energy storage systems and is a UK leader in helping train installers and technicians in new solar and battery technologies.

“For the last year I have been part of a peer-to-peer networking group organised by the ScaleUp Institute which helps its members to grow their businesses through shared learning, networking and access to experts and inspirational speakers,” says Mark.

“It has been a terrific experience. I’ve been able to share my own experiences of running a rapidly growing operation, and from working with the group, we now have a wealth of ideas for how we can further grow AceOn over the coming years and accelerate the take up of the sustainable, renewable technology and the circular economy, which will be the only way this planet survives the climate challenge.

“We are now developing the solutions and technology to help drive the changes we all need to make to reach Net Zero. One example of this in action is our campaign to encourage businesses to ‘dump the diesel’ by switching to our clean and green battery-powered off-grid products to power machines and equipment. This is putting us on the mainstage in the UK, but it’s now giving us export opportunities to share our vision with markets around the world.”

Mark, who was appointed an Export Champion by the Department for International Trade earlier this year, said the UK brand was still highly sought after around the globe.

“We know that technology developed and manufactured in the UK has a reputation for excellence all over the world and we want to play our part in this country’s economic future by exporting to all four corners of the globe.”

John Morris, peer-to-peer ecosystem executive at the ScaleUp Institute, praised Mark for his input into the group.

“I chair a peer group in the Midlands as part of Innovate UK EDGE’s commitment to help some of the UK’s most innovative, dynamic and international business address the issues, as well as opportunities, that come with fast growth.

“Mark has been an integral and enthusiastic member of this group for the past 18 months, bringing a level of insight and energy that is valued by everyone involved.

“Peer groups help people like Mark, and businesses like AceOn, get access to fresh perspectives from those from diverse industries, backgrounds and with different ways of looking at challenges and opportunities. The curation of new ideas and best practice that result from this enables bold and ambitious leaders like Mark to build and scale businesses we can all be proud of.”

Mark has more than 30 years’ experience in the industry and co-founded AceOn in 2010. He is a member of the UK Government’s national Faraday Battery Challenge Advisory Board and in 2012 was a winner of the UKTi Growth for Export competition when he designed and brought to market the world’s first four-pin AC solar generator with iPod sound system.

AceOn has just enjoyed its most successful trading year to date. The company exports to several countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and has recently started talks with companies in South America and South Korea.



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