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On her Majesty’s service

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Wow, what a week last week! OK, so it wasn’t quite as dramatic as the title, but working in the Quarry Park in Shrewsbury for the Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay was a great experience.

With the Birmingham Games soon approaching, it’s traditional for the baton to make its way around the host country, and Shrewsbury put on one huge show. Indeed, many of the baton’s entourage mentioned that this was the biggest event they had been to on this tour, and the longest they had stayed in one town.

What added to the day was the fantastic summer weather we experienced. The 2022 heatwave will be remembered in Shropshire for the day the baton came home; and with an estimated crowd of over 7,000 in the park, it will certainly live long in many people’s memories.

An afternoon packed with entertainment in the park gave it a real festival vibe, and with Shropshire Festivals in charge we would expect nothing less. They even made the hot day more comfortable for those not used to the heat by creating misting tents which were very popular.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get much chance to rest from the heat when taking the photos and following the parade from the Sabrina boat, up the river into the Quarry, all the way around the park, in and out of the Dingle, then down to the stage. However, it was worth it for some of the most fantastic shots.

Take a look at our gallery at and enjoy some of the highlights of the day.

Thanks for reading, maybe one of our next blogs will be about us attending the Palace Garden Party! We can but dream…



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