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New Telford children’s play centre ready for big adventures

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A new children’s role-play centre will soon be opening in Telford.

Big Street Little Feet will be a new indoor play centre for children up to ten, located at Anstice Square in Madeley town centre.

The three-storey site will feature a wide range of rooms carefully designed to bring children’s imaginations to life with a mix of fun learning and play.

Facilities include a baby sensory room, a soft play zone and a role play area featuring typical town shops and services such as a post office, supermarket, vets, hairdresser, police station and a hospital.

The new business is the brainchild of sisters, Leanne Bayton, 35, and Nicole Bayton, 31.

Leanne, who used to run a nursery in Newport, explained: “We’ve been up and down the country looking for somewhere like this to take our children, especially somewhere with a baby room for mums who need to get out of the house – you can’t take a newborn to a ball pit.”

The pair picked up the keys in early November and have been working hard over the last three weeks to transform the large building, which was the home of the former Co-Op Funeral facility.

Source: Shropshire Star



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