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New CEO of Meeting Point Trust in Telford looking to an exciting future

Wayne Jenson is the new CEO of Meeting Point Trust

The new boss of a charity has vowed to breathe new life into one of Telford’s “hidden gems”.

Wayne Jenson is the new CEO of Meeting Point Trust, based in Meeting Point House in Southwater, which has a long history of supporting the community in Telford.

Mr Jenson said he planned to strengthen the Trust’s offer to the local community, along with expanding the range of events and facilities provided at Meeting Point House.

“The building has been at the heart of Telford since 1988, but many people don’t realise just how much we offer,” he said.

“We have 10 meeting rooms, all of which are recently refurbished or in the process of being upgraded, and are very reasonably priced for use by businesses or community organisations.

“Then we have the Octagon room, which is a wonderful bright and airy space for all kinds of events, from yoga sessions to birthday parties.

“We are extremely proud of our in-house Hummingbird Cafe, which provides good quality freshly cooked food at subsidised prices – it’s fantastic value for money and is increasingly popular.

“I really think Meeting Point House is one of Telford’s hidden gems and we are excited about spreading the word and expanding what we do – whilst staying true to the charity’s principles of inspiring, connecting and enabling the local community.”

The building is home to 12 charitable organisations, including Telford Stay and Yellow Ribbon, and the cafe is regularly used by Telford Mind for drop-in events.

Mr Jenson, who previously worked in the hospitality industry in Shropshire, said there was a lot of potential for hosting more events in the future.

“We are just around the corner from Telford International Centre, one of the largest exhibition spaces in the country, and we offer a cost-effective solution with excellent facilities for events which are on a smaller scale,” he said.

“For instance, we have hosted The Poultry Club’s National Egg Exhibition for the past two years, and are keen to bring more events to Telford.

“Every penny of income we generate goes back into the building and providing community activities, so if we can maximise our potential it’s great news for everyone.”

Source: Shropshire Live



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