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mfg Solicitors opens refurbished office in Telford as part of expansion plans

mfg solicitors

Telford law firm mfg Solicitors has opened its newly refurbished office in Telford following an eight-month overhaul.

The firm, which also has offices in Ludlow and across the region, reopened the 7,000 square foot facility in Padmore House on Hall Park Way which has seen them doubling the size of its original office space to include larger meeting rooms, modern staff facilities and the latest technology.

It held an event with over 50 business professionals from across the county to mark the opening which will help the firm to add more jobs in the years ahead.

Iain Morrison, chairman of mfg Solicitors said: “Our newly refurbished office in Telford looks superb and allows us to grow even more in the years ahead. It’s now a spacious, modern working space, with several meeting rooms for clients, all underpinned by the latest technology which allows us to work smarter.

“The refurbishment shows our commitment to Telford and Shropshire as it will allow us to expand our team, deliver new jobs and grow the services we offer to our clients in the area.

“The event was another milestone for us and we were delighted to welcome so many professionals from across Shropshire.”

Source: Shropshire Live



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