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Local Tech Company Named Finalist for Best Recycling and Refurbishment Service Award

Preloved Tech is a leading mobile and IT recycling company based in Telford

Preloved Tech, a leading mobile and IT recycling company based in Telford, has been selected as a finalist in the Best Recycling and Refurbishment Service category at this year’s Mobile Industry Awards.

Preloved Tech has earned its reputation as a pioneer in sustainable technology recycling and refurbishment since its inception in 2019. The company offers comprehensive recycling and recommerce services for a wide range of devices, including mobile phones, laptops, tablets, Computing hardware and smartwatches. Through its eco-friendly practices, Preloved Tech ensures that all collected devices are either refurbished and resold or responsibly recycled, thus significantly reducing electronic waste and promoting a circular economy.

“We are extremely happy to have been named as a finalist for the Best Recycling and Refurbishment Service,” said Matt Giles, Managing Director of Preloved Tech. “The Mobile Industry Awards celebrate the very best in the mobile industry, and this recognition underscores our tireless efforts to provide top-notch sustainable recycling services for consumers and businesses alike. We champion the circular economy with every device we recycle being refurbished and resold into the second-hand market, so to be recognised as a leader in the industry is fantastic.”

Preloved Tech’s dedication to sustainability is further highlighted by its commitment to climate change action. For every device recycled, the company plants a tree to help offset its carbon footprint, contributing to the growth of the “Preloved Forest”​

In this year’s awards, Preloved Tech will compete against other industry giants such as Music Magpie and Mazuma Mobile, all vying for the prestigious title. This nomination is a testament to Preloved Tech’s innovative approach and commitment to excellence in the recycling and refurbishment sector.

The Mobile Industry Award winners will be revealed at the awards ceremony in London on September 12, 2024.

Source: Shropshire Live



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