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Jackie serves up a green treat thanks to AceOn

Mark Thompson and Jackie Griffiths at the MunchBox in Telford

A fast-food kiosk has been serving up a green treat for its customers – after ditching a diesel generator for a pioneering new environmentally-friendly system which helps save money and the planet.
The MunchBox on Telford’s Stafford Park has been trialling AceOn’s portable energy storage system – which can power all their lights, refrigerators and toaster for a whole week on one charge.
The AceOnPES comes with an inbuilt 2kW inverter and custom-made battery pack which can be charged using solar power or mains electricity and costs just £2 a week to run compared to the £25 cost of a diesel generator.
It is being developed by AceOn – itself based on Stafford Park and one of the country’s leading battery and energy storage specialists – to offer clean off-grid power across a range of low-cost applications.
MunchBox owner Jackie Griffiths said the AceOn system had more than proved its worth during the month-long trial.
“The portable generator has been absolutely brilliant,” said Jackie. “It is clean, green and totally silent. It doesn’t run on dirty diesel or make a constant noise like the old generator and has saved me more than £25 a week into the bargain.
“What’s more, it’s great to be able to tell all my customers that we are doing our bit for the environment by cutting out the fossil fuels and using the portable generator instead.”
AceOn managing director Mark Thompson said he had offered Jackie the generator on trial to test it out in a real-world environment and was thrilled with its success.
“We are developing the AceOnPES as a clean, environmentally-friendly alternative to the millions of diesel generators currently in use all over the world but which are facing being phased out because of the pollution they cause.
“Our portable generator is being developed to use second life EV car batteries, which can be charged for nothing through solar panels or for £2 a week using the mains. It runs without any noise at all and is the ideal solution for anyone wanting off-grid, portable power whilst using a circular economy by reusing second-life EV batteries that will be coming back to the market in their thousands as the UK goes electric.
“There’s been a lot of talk about how diesel generators running things such as ice cream vans are contributing to climate change and should be banned, and our AceOnPES offers a fantastic, green alternative.
“We are working in Nigeria on developing a new version which uses sodium ion batteries which are based on salt and put much less of a strain on the earth’s resources and believe they could add a whole new dimension to portable power for people all over the world.
“If the recent heatwave showed us anything it is that we cannot keep going on the way we are and must start embracing renewable, green technology which cuts our carbon emissions, helps us achieve Net Zero and gives our children and grandchildren a world which has a future.”
AceOn Group offers everything from an AAA battery to multi-megawatt battery energy storage products and focuses on bespoke battery pack design and manufacture, battery distribution, residential energy storage and ancillary renewables products, large scale commercial and industrial battery storage, and portable energy storage and generators.
Mark has more than 30 years’ experience in the industry and co-founded AceOn in 2010. He is a member of the UK Government’s national Faraday Battery Challenge Advisory Board and in 2012 was a winner of the UKTi Growth for Export competition when he designed and brought to market the world’s first four-pin AC solar generator with iPod sound system.
For more about AceOn visit



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