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It’s a hat trick! Telford’s ABC Day Nursery is Outstanding . . . again!

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Staff at a leading Telford nursery are celebrating after achieving an Ofsted Outstanding rating for the third time in a row at the fourth nursery in the group.

The inspector who visited ABC Day Nursery at Preston-upon-the-Weald Moors found that leaders are ‘passionate about providing stimulating learning opportunities’, the curriculum is ‘expertly designed’, and children ‘make rapid progress in their development’.

The nursery, ABC Hoo which opened in July 2013, is one of four in the ABC Day Nursery group with the other three based at Hollinswood, Lightmoor and Hadley – all of which are also rated Ofsted Outstanding. The first nursery in the group opened its doors 30 years ago and remains independently owned by Penny Hustwick.

The Ofsted Inspector said: “Children who attend this nursery are competent learners. The curriculum is expertly designed and progressively builds on what children know and need to learn next.

"Children are keen to access the learning opportunities on offer and display high levels of engagement in their chosen activities.

“The children have an abundance of opportunities to develop their own ideas and imagination, while babies crawl around and are interested in the items they have access to.

"They also learn to feed themselves at mealtimes and are encouraged to help with tidying toys away.

“Children particularly flourish in the outdoors. Based next to a farm, they collect conkers, make potions with water and leaves, and learn about the features of trees as they use paint to print bark patterns on paper. They learn to navigate the space competently and show an awareness of managing risk.

“Leaders have a genuine passion for providing highly stimulating learning opportunities. Staff fully understand the curriculum and implement this exceptionally well into the educational programmes they offer throughout the nursery.”

She said the children were “extremely self-motivated, inquisitive and excited about learning” and made “rapid progress in their development”.

The Ofsted inspectors praised the progress made by children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and said parents and carers expressed “genuine happiness” about the care their children received at the nursery.
ABC Day Nursery owner Penny Hustwick, who this year marked her 30th anniversary since opening the doors to her first nursery in Wrockwardine, said: “We are extremely proud to have retained our Outstanding Ofsted rating at ABC Hoo. It is brilliant news and a tribute to the ongoing dedication and hard work of our staff.

”Our continued record of Outstanding across all four of our nurseries re-enforces our position as a leading provider and means parents have the reassurance of knowing that their children are always in safe hands and are happy.

“Things have changed over the years with the transition to The Curiosity Approach, resulting in all our settings becoming calm and curious environments. This has proved to be hugely successful with children, concentrating their imagination and focus on real objects – how they feel and act – rather than on plastic toys.

"We have worked through the hardest period in the history of my childcare career – through the very difficult pandemic – so this Outstanding rating feels extra special.

"Seeing our children developing, thriving and happy in our beautiful ABC settings and hearing regular positive feedback from parents is what matters most to us and a consecutive Ofsted Outstanding mark of approval is the icing on the cake."

The inspectors recognised the good manners of the children and the respect they show to their peers and staff.

"Children are taught to help each other from an early age and share toys. They learn to manage their emotions and deal with challenge. As a result, when they encounter disagreements, they are able to resolve these quickly and calmly.

“Staff and leaders have a secure knowledge of how to keep children safe and can confidently describe the signs that would cause them concern and indicate a child may be at risk of harm,” Christine Ward, Ofsted Inspector added.

Anyone who wants to find out more about the four settings in the ABC group can visit



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