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In-Comm Training’s Telford Academy hits employer milestone

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The £3m technical academy, launched at the start of the year, has just signed a deal to work with its 75th employer.

In-Comm Training has heralded the commitment of local companies in supporting young people into a career in industry, as well as highlighting a new-found desire to upskill workers to meet the modern-day requirements of advanced manufacturing.

In just seven months, they have recruited 74 apprentices, bringing the total number currently learning in Telford to 182, covering twelve different standards including engineering and manufacturing, welding and mechatronics.

Employers, such as Collins Aerospace, Epson, Hoshizaki and Magna Cosma, have all added their support to vocational learning, whilst tens of other companies have contributed to 1500 workers being upskilled across 50 different courses.

“We have a created a truly world class training academy in Telford and I’m pleased to say that companies have backed our £3m+ investment by coming forward and engaging with us,”

In-Comm Training’s Telford Academy hits employer milestone

“Last month, we completed a deal that will see the 75th employer send their staff to our T54 facility, a milestone we did not think we would reach for at least twelve months.”

She went on to add: “We’ve got family-run businesses, SMEs and multi-nationals working with us, all because they believe in adopting an employer-led approach to bridging the skills gap.

“This is helping them address critical labour shortages, boost productivity and also support succession planning, with some of their staff nearing retirement age.”

In-Comm Training, which has been rated as ‘Ofsted Outstanding’, has fitted out the 20,000 sq ft space with new equipment and state-of-the-art technology, spanning from the latest CNC machines, robotics, fluid power and material testing to welding, electrical, lathes, millers, CAD/CAM and metrology equipment.

A team of 20 expert trainers – all with considerable experience in industry – are on hand to guide the engineers of the future and to deliver best practice courses that will help local companies futureproof employees for years to come.

The aim is to create a vibrant learning environment that leverages the capabilities of academia, employers, and higher education – all geared towards providing high quality training opportunity with clear pathways to skilled jobs in automotive, advanced engineering, aerospace, construction, medical and renewables.

Bekki went on to add: “One of the biggest trends of the first seven months is companies investing in higher level training, with a significant uptake on the number of Level 3 and Level 4 Engineering Manufacturing Technicians.

“We are seeing new businesses approach us all the time and, better still, they are taking on more apprentices than they initially wanted. This happens when they see the outstanding facilities we have at Telford and the quality of the young people ready to embark on a career in industry.”

For further information, please contact us or follow us on our socials to stay up to date with industry news and updates from In-Comm Training.

Source: In-Comm Training



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