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GWR Fasteners partner with Harper Adams rally team

Rallying the Wright Way Rally Car GWR Fasteners

GWR Fasteners has partnered up with Harper Adams University to support their student-run rally team, Rallying the Wright Way.

Rallying the Wright Way provides Harper Adams students with a hands-on educational experience by managing a competitive rally team that competes across the UK.

The entirely student-run team handles everything from logistics and engineering to car preparation and catering, allowing students to develop professional skills in a realworld setting.

Through this partnership, GWR Fasteners will supply the team with a year’s worth of fasteners, essential for preparation, maintenance and on-event servicing of the M-Sport Fiesta R2T rally car.

This collaboration not only equips the team with the necessary hardware but also reinforces GWR Fasteners’ commitment to supporting the next generation of engineers and motorsport enthusiasts.

“As a company, we began our journey with a focus on the automotive industry, primarily manufacturing and supplying components for cars and racing vehicles. By providing Harper Adams Team with high-quality fasteners, we hope to contribute towards their success in the rally stages and inspire future engineers.” – GWR Fasteners

The team has challenged GWR Fasteners not only to provide their standard parts but also to source some of the harder-to-find fasteners needed to maintain their car, testing GWR’s ambition to source products beyond their standard stock.

“This collaboration not only aligns with our goal of supporting young local talent but also provides an opportunity to help these students push the boundaries of performance within rallying. We look forward to them challenging us too, helping us expand our automotive product knowledge and sourcing capabilities.” – GWR Fasteners

The upcoming rally season promises to be an exhilarating one, with the Rallying the Wright Way Team aiming to make their mark on the racing world. The team is already off to a strong start with their Ford Fiesta R2T, driven by M-Sport Ford World Rally Team principal Richard Millener, recently securing first place in the Malcolm Wilson Rally in March.

Source: Shropshire Live



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