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Greenhous announces college partnership to help tackle industry’s technician shortage


Greenhous Group has announced a partnership with Telford College, providing two electric Vauxhall Corsa cars and components to enhance the college’s automotive training facilities.

The new electric vehicles will play an important role, allowing the college to expand electric and hybrid vehicle training opportunities for full-time students and ‘top-up’ tuition for local businesses within the community to upskill their technicians.

Robert Lees, Director of Automotive, Construction and Engineering at Telford College, said: “It is crucial for the next generation of motor vehicle mechanics and technicians to be comfortable with servicing and repairing electric and hybrid vehicles. From September this year, Telford College will be running a new Level Three training programme component; Removal and Replacement in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles.”

The partnership offers Telford College automotive students the chance to visit Greenhous Vauxhall to observe more complex repairs.

Geoff Lowe, After-Sales Manager at Greenhous Vauxhall commented: “This initiative with Telford College is not just an investment in equipment, but an investment in the future of the automotive industry.

“The cars and their components will provide students with practical, hands-on experience, crucial for mastering the complexities of high-voltage vehicles.”

Danny Minshall, Regional Retail Director, Greenhous Group added: “Greenhous is dedicated to addressing the current technician shortage in the automotive industry. Currently, we employ two Telford College automotive apprentices, who are entering their third year. We are always looking for the next generation of talent to join our business and would encourage speculative applications at any time.”

Source: Shropshire Star



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