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Demand sees Craemer start pallet production in the UK

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Significant demand from the UK market for Craemer’s load carrier pallets has escalated plans to manufacture locally at its Telford-based production facility. Reduced lead times, providing a quicker turnaround for customers, in addition to the removal of transport costs from Craemer’s factory in Germany and reduction in transport CO2 emissions have led to the move.

Craemer says the investment in UK production from its group headquarters in Germany demonstrates a significant commitment to local production and supports the growth of plastic pallet applications in the UK. The D3 range of plastic pallets can be manufactured using either virgin grade material or high grade regenerated material, offering a further significant impact on carbon footprint reduction.

The firm added there are very few, if any, manufacturers of plastic pallets in the UK and the impact of importing the product from far distances can and does affect the true benefits of greener and cleaner reusable materials handling solutions.

Craemer’s D3 range of plastic pallets will be implemented into supply chains, storage or production processes, with the added confidence and reliability that at the end of its useful life expectancy of over many years and trips, all D3 versions are fully recyclable.

Gero Liotti, head of material handling sales in the UK for Craemer, said: “Buyers are increasingly more aware and conscious of the negative impact of using less sustainable products and becoming more inquisitive of their origination and end of life credentials. To have truly meaningful, sustainable, returnable products for sophisticated manufacturing processes and complex supply chains, coupled with the understanding and knowledge of where products come from – including how and what they are made from – sit hand-in-hand with traceability, improving efficiencies and saving customers time & money.”

Source: Zenoot



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