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Business Profile


NOURISH Holistic Wellbeing Ltd

Suite 104, The Studios
Mansell Road

Contact Info


Colleen Mullarkey

Job Title

Director and Holistic Wellbeing Specialist







NOURISH Holistic Wellbeing Ltd provides bespoke Holistic Wellbeing Solutions to business owners, company directors, senior managers and their employees.

NOURISH Holistic Wellbeing is a one-stop shop for holistic wellbeing needs, specialising in Stress Management and Mental Wellbeing.

“Take a time out before you are forced to take time off!”

Overwhelm, lack of energy, mid-afternoon slump, not being able to sleep very well, the volume of decisions that have to be made, skipping meals because of lack of time, brain fog, presenteeism, have become all too common nowadays and stress levels are on the rise!

NOURISH Holistic Wellbeing can help you and your employees better manage your stress levels and your mental wellbeing through a combination of quick and easy to implement work-based and work and location specific solutions.

Enhance your business, improve your profit margin, increase employee engagement and retention, attract new employees and enhance your customers experience of working with you by implementing a bespoke Wellbeing solution for your company from NOURISH Holistic Wellbeing!

Offering a wide range of corporate and individual holistic wellbeing solutions to help YOU, YOUR EMPLOYEES and YOUR COMPANY THRIVE!

Get in touch to see how NOURISH Holistic Wellbeing can help fast track stress levels back into balance and ease the mental strain and pressure of  life!


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