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Landau LTD

Unit 5
Hadley Park East

Contact Info


Joanne Robinson

Job Title

Project Manager


01952 245015





Landau is a successful not for profit, supported employment charity that seeks to improve life chances for employment for people who face social and economic challenges and who may also be disabled or have complex needs.

We know that inequalities and barriers to education and employment often begin early in life, impacting on individuals throughout their school years and into early adulthood. We work holistically with clients to identify their barriers to work and provide intensive support with the aim of moving them closer to employment. We focus on building their confidence, managing disability and health concerns and improving their overall wellbeing and mental health. Most importantly we ensure that any employment opportunities are sustainable, providing ongoing support and progression.

Working across, Shropshire, Herefordshire & the West Midlands Landau has grown considerably over the last 5 years, driven by an increase in demand for our service from commissioners in health and care. Research has shown that inequality and barriers to accessing good employment impacts significantly on people’s income, sense of purpose, social connections and their health and wellbeing both physically and mentally.

We partner with small to medium sized organisations wherever possible to achieve project targets – people who are experts and rooted in place, so as to better meet local needs and so nurture sustainable communities and supply chains. Each year we support hundreds of young people and adults to build the skills they need for the future working with some of the country’s most vulnerable. They are often at risk of poor educational attainment, social exclusion, exploitation and substance misuse issues, we build resilience in young people empowering them to improve their life chances.

Landau manage a number of contracts with funded by the ESF & DWP working with young people who are NEET, or risk of NEET (not in Education, employment or training) with partner organizations to deliver specialist training & support, Landau Study Programme & opportunities for vocational training to Community Grants and Employment Services providing group & 121 support to those seeking employment.

We were honored to have achieved the Queen’s Award for Enterprise & the prestigious Gold Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme for our work with veterans in 2021 and are proud to be a Centre of Excellence.

At Landau we remain steadfast to our aim of “changing lives and creating futures”

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