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3 Robins Drive,
Madeley, Telford

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Sam Warner

Job Title

Neurodiversity Specialist







Sam Warner is a Communication Specialist with over 25 years of corporate experience and works with leaders across multiple industries to attract and retain key talent. She does this by helping Neurodivergent people at work achieve recognition, respect and understanding. Working predominantly with the IT industry, Sam works with the whole team to enable them to become self-aware, better communicators and gel as a cohesive team. The organisation is left with a neurodiversity policy and a reasonable adjustments, accommodations and adaptations list that works for the whole company. The benefits include increased profit and productivity, decreased absenteeism and attrition, and an empowered high-performing, loyal team.

Sam is a TEDx Speaker, the licensee and director of TEDxTelford and coaches TEDx Speakers, speakers for formal events and small businesses wishing to refine their messaging. Sam undertakes individual coaching for Neurodivergent adults and their friends, family and co-workers. Sam offers an informal non-diagnostic review to help individuals explore their neurodiversity. She also helps trainers to design for neurodivergent audience members and trains organisations to improve their team culture and HR processes to be more inclusive.

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