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Bodum leads the way in business sustainability with launch of “green beans” in Telford

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Bodum, a longstanding champion of sustainable practices, is proud to announce its latest endeavour in Telford. The company has invested over £100k into a solar array at its distribution and sales hub on Halesfield 10, consisting of 232 panels for the roof, accompanied by battery storage. This new forward thinking system not only powers the entire site, including its offices, but also allows for excess energy to be sold back into the grid.

This commitment to green energy ensures that Bodum’s coffee roaster produces environmentally-friendly “green beans,” which will be featured in their café and available for purchase across the UK.

Chris Walker, UK Operations Manager at Bodum, expressed his enthusiasm, stating:

“Our investment in sustainable energy sources reflects Bodum’s dedication to reducing our environmental footprint while delivering quality products to our customers.”

Bodum adheres to a mantra of “reduce, reuse, recycle,” employing innovative processes to create sustainable solutions. At their Telford site, they utilise locally sourced cardboard, shredding it onsite for packaging purposes. This approach underscores Bodum’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Katherine Kynaston, Telford & Wrekin Council Director for Housing, Employment and Infrastructure, and Housing Solutions, said:

“Bodum’s commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with Telford’s vision for a greener future. We applaud their efforts to lead by example and inspire other businesses to prioritise environmental responsibility. We encourage all Telford and Wrekin businesses to explore ways to become more sustainable to help the borough achieve a Net Zero status by 2030.”

The council’s Business Support team, Invest Telford currently have funding available to support businesses through their business advice service to aid clean growth and moving towards net zero as well as support innovation development and adopt new processes and systems.

Visit the Invest Telford website to find out about the business advice service.



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