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Big solar boost for agency’s green credentials

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A forward-thinking creative marketing agency has dramatically reduced its environmental impact by investing in an ambitious solar scheme as its latest sustainability project.

Telford-based Kensa Creative has ploughed some of the profits from a record trading year into improving its carbon footprint as part of its wider aim to be carbon neutral by 2025.

Managing Director Scott Clarke said: “We’ve always prided ourselves on our sustainable ethos, so when we decided to build our own offices here in Telford it was always our aim to invest in solar panels. Being able to create our own energy absolutely reduces our reliance on fossil fuels to power the building.”

“We designed a solar scheme, but then discovered we could also receive grant support through the Business Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP) to help with the costs. So we took the opportunity to be even more ambitious and decided to double the size of the system.”

BEEP is a grant support programme funded by the European Regional Development Programme which helps businesses look at how they can reduce energy costs, advises on renewable projects and offers grants to develop green schemes.

Scott added: “Electricity powers everything we do so the aim is to be able to power our operations from 100 per cent renewable energy, which is not only great for the planet but will also prove to be a sensible investment in these times of soaring energy costs.”

Kensa has also installed charging points for electric vehicles at its Hortonwood West base, and with all company vehicles being either hybrid or fully electric this will make a big difference to employee’s back pockets. Scott added: “We have also just launched an EV car scheme via salary sacrifice, giving everyone on the team an opportunity to get an electric vehicle at an affordable price, and charge it up at work using solar power.”

The solar system cost £28,360 and is expected to pay for itself in 11 years through reduced energy bills. It should produce 20.58MWh per year, and from March to October is expected to generate a surplus which can be pushed back into the National Grid.

The installation involves 72 photovoltaic modules and the carbon saving will be equivalent to planting 220 new trees each year.

After struggling to find suitable office space, Kensa designed and built its own headquarters in 2018, allowing for more flexibility and autonomy for introducing sustainable initiatives like the solar panels.

The solar energy scheme and electric vehicles are part of Kensa’s wider plan to make operations as environmentally sustainable as possible. Amongst other sustainable initiatives is the cycle to work scheme, use of FSC accredited print suppliers and a digital-first, paper free culture at Kensa’s offices.

For more information about Kensa, visit



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