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Autocraft Telford and Inchcape VW celebrate new partnership

Autocraft Telford is celebrating a new partnership with Inchcape VW Telford 768x545 1

Autocraft Telford, a leading accident repair centre, is now working in partnership with Inchcape VW Telford, a renowned dealership for Volkswagen vehicles.

This strategic collaboration aims to provide exceptional service and added value to customers in the Telford area.

As part of the new partnership, Autocraft Telford has been appointed as the approved accident repair centre for Volkswagen vehicles by Inchcape VW Telford.

This designation solidifies Autocraft’s commitment to delivering excellent repairs and restoration services, utilizing the latest techniques and genuine Volkswagen parts to ensure the highest quality workmanship. It also demonstrates the trust and confidence that Inchcape VW have in Autocraft Telford’s accident repair services.

Through this partnership, Autocraft customers are also able to access vehicle servicing at Inchcape VW Telford at preferential rates.

“We are delighted to forge this partnership with Inchcape VW Telford,” said Darren & Matt Fielding, Directors of Autocraft Telford. “Being chosen as the approved accident repair centre for Volkswagen vehicles is a testament to the skills and dedication of our team.”

By joining forces, Autocraft Telford and Inchcape VW Telford seek to raise the bar in the automotive industry by combining their extensive knowledge, experience, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Inchcape VW Telford is recognised for its outstanding customer service and an extensive inventory of Volkswagen vehicles, catering to a wide range of customer preferences and needs. Their partnership with Autocraft Telford solidifies their commitment to delivering a comprehensive automotive experience for their customers who purchase new or used VW vehicles.

“Customer service is a priority for us”, said Leigh Ryan, General Manager at Inchcape VW Telford. “When new or used vehicles are purchased from us, we want to ensure that we provide continued support for our customers, including servicing and vehicle repairs. Our new partnership with Autocraft Telford now enables us to provide VW approved accident repair services for our customers when they are required too.”

Source: Shropshire Live



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