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Alex secures Partner role with Balfours


A former Adams Grammar pupil has returned to Shropshire to take up a role as a Partner at Balfours.

Alex Jackson has significant experience in land management, together with a degree in law and a Masters in rural estate and land management secured at Harper Adams University in 2010.

He has spent more than 12 years working as a land agent with clients in the north east of the country and said, while he studied law, he realised his true vocation needed to be rural.

He said: “It was my links with the land that spurred me on to study for my Masters and it has proved a great decision.

“My previous work has included amongst other things valuation, tenancy matters, and compulsory purchase. Throughout it has been a huge help to have a background in law, whether understanding complex agreements or carrying out expert witness valuation work.”

Managing partner, Rory Galliers said: “We are really pleased to have Alex join us. While the practical experience he has gained is important, the added extra of a legal perspective will be hugely useful to our clients. And of course the fact that he grew up in Shropshire means he knows the whole region extremely well.”

Source: Shropshire Star



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