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£1.8 million revamp unveiled for Telford College’s Wellington campus

An aerial view of the Telford College campus

Telford College has revealed ambitious plans for a £1.8 million-plus upgrade of its Wellington campus which will transform it into a technical and vocational training centre of excellence.

It is part of a major expansion for the college which will also see a new Maths & Digital Skills Hub opening in Telford town centre’s ‘Station Quarter’ in September – closely followed by a new sixth form centre.

The investment at the Haybridge site follows several months of consultation with staff and stakeholders. Work is due to start later this year, with the project scheduled for completion by the end of 2025.

Principal and chief executive Graham Guest said: “This reconfiguration is part of an ambitious strategic plan which will elevate Telford College to new levels.

“Significant changes in curriculum, the development of a student-centred community, and the creation of dedicated departmental study areas are all part of our strategy for the Haybridge site.

“Responding to the needs of local businesses, we will introduce novel learning experiences for students, including specialised adult learning spaces that will bring added advantages to employers.”

The investment will include:

– A new Student Hub, remotely linked to the Digital & Maths Skills Hub in Station Quarter

– Expanded area for Business curriculum, with real-life working environments

– A new restaurant and coffee bar, open to the public during parts of the week

– Greater use of virtual and augmented reality learning technology across the campus

– Improvements to Creative and Music studios and learning facilities

– A dedicated learning space for degree-level and Higher Education studies

– A new outdoor study area to widen the Early Years provision

– Expansion of the Engineering workshop, with more industry-standard facilities

– Creation of a new energy-efficient ‘Passive House’ for use by Construction students

– Expanded learning facilities for Hair and Beauty programmes

Mr Guest said: “These are incredibly ambitious and exciting proposals which will further establish the reputation of our Haybridge campus as a technical and vocational centre of excellence.

“Coupled with the new Digital & Maths Skills Hub and a new sixth form centre in the heart of the Station Quarter, it not only broadens the range of the Telford College curriculum, but makes the college more accessible than ever.

“We are building a unique and ambitious alliance between industry and education to raise everyone’s aspirations and support local employers to develop the sort of workforce they require.”

Telford College’s new Digital & Maths Skills Hub will be opening in The Quad at Station Quarter in September this year.

The new town centre sixth form centre – which will include the addition of several new A levels such as theatre studies and politics – is set to open in the autumn of next year.

Source: Shropshire Live



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