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Telford thermal insulation firm rescues baby chicks

SMI team members with the baby chicks from left Jayne Meakin Matt Weaver Sean Edwards and Kirsty Murrell

Thermal insulation experts at a Telford firm have welcomed some ‘egg-citing’ new additions to their team – thanks to one of the company’s award-winning products.

Seymour Manufacturing International (SMI) specialises in thermal protection solutions which are designed to control temperature.

And when a power cut threatened the lives of some baby chicks as they were preparing to hatch, the Stafford Park-based company swung into action.

Finance and human resources manager Jayne Meakin and her partner were incubating a clutch of Bantam eggs when their home was hit by a power cut.

“I was so worried about the eggs and just didn’t know what to do – but then I realised that one of SMI’s products could be just what I needed to come to the rescue.

“Our thermal cool bags are designed to prevent heat loss, so I was able to use one of them to transport the incubator and eggs safely to work. The bag meant I could maintain the temperature at a level which saved the chicks’ lives.

“After a couple of nerve-wracking days, we saw the first signs of the eggs starting to hatch and one by one the chicks emerged. It’s what you might call a ‘cracking’ result!”

Jayne added: “Everyone at SMI has been fascinated with all of this, and it really has been an amazing experience to help these baby chicks hatch and grow.

“They’re certainly not our usual type of customers, but I really believe that without the thermal bag we would have lost them.”

Seymour Manufacturing International specialises in thermal protection solutions and has been saving energy and money for some of the world’s biggest and best-known businesses since the 1980s.

Their retail clients include Waitrose, Morrisons, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, Co-op and Lidl.

The success is all thanks to Tempro – SMI’s lightweight thermal insulation material which has been scientifically proven to cut energy loss by up to 60% depending on the product and environment.

SMI also works with the NHS, the Ministry of Defence, and has become a leading thermal insulation supplier for the protection of food, chemicals, agriculture and home delivery products. The company was a finalist in this year’s Shropshire Chamber Business Awards in the Eco category, for environmentally aware businesses which promote innovative practices, processes or technology.

Source: Shropshire Live



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