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Telford company is celebrating 30 years in business


A Telford based company is celebrating 30 years in business.

Telford Compressed Air Services (TCAS) was co-founded in 1994 by Dave Murray and ex-director, Alan Smith.

Operating with one service engineer a trade counter and equipment hiring in the beginning, TCAS quickly expanded their offerings to customers.

The market for compressed air has evolved significantly since 1994, with advancements in technology presenting new challenges and opportunities.

Initially, TCAS operated from a unit at Castle Trading Est Priorslee, Telford, with just one employee, by the Millennium, the team had set their sights on expansion to Stafford Park 12.

With TCAS undergoing significant growth in 2019, the company relocated to Stafford Park 1.

Despite facing challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic and post pandemic shortages, TCAS managed to react and adapt to market changes, whilst always prioritising health and safety for employees and customers.

With a strong team of 13 local employees, TCAS continues to be dedicated to keeping compressed air systems running smoothly and efficiently.

TCAS now has plans to expand its existing sales team and service division, as well as launching a new web shop with the ability to buy over 10,000 products online.

Source: Shropshire Star



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